What to expect

You'll be welcomed from the moment pull into the parking lot. At the doors, you’ll be greeted by our caring hosts who are ready to assist you in finding anything you need: the hospitality refreshments, our children’s check-in services, our restrooms, and the auditorium itself! Don’t forget to visit the Welcome Center in the lobby to receive your free visitor’s gift to remember us!

Our services last for about an hour and you can be assured that no two services are exactly alike. The same great elements are always there, like great worship, relevant teaching, vivid illustrations, and life changing moments with God, but always topped off with that little extra element of surprise. Life is surround sound, full color, and sensory overload. Shouldn’t church be too?

What to Wear

There's no dress code! We believe it’s what’s inside a person that matters, not the outside. At Vintage, we feel people should be able to come as they are and not be judged by their appearance. Whether you dress up or dress down, you’ll find yourself fitting in with people who genuinely care about you.


What is the weekend's message?

Each message series is carefully designed with real people in mind: people looking for answers to issues they face everyday. At Vintage, we’re teaching timeless truths from the Bible that speak to where you’re currently at in your family, career, finances and relationship with God. If it’s real life and important today, you can be sure we’re talking about it in ways that don’t require an understanding of the Bible or theology.


Vintage Kids:

An Experience Your Kids Will Love.