The Mission

Welcome to Vintage Kids! At Vintage, we are all about families which means we are all about caring for your kiddos! We are committed to putting our best efforts into this ministry as we believe that children are part of the Church today. 

 Alyssa, the Kid

What To Expect

As a first time guest, you will first be greeted by volunteers at our secure Check-In located outside of our ministry area. Here you will complete a guest card for our staff to have all the necessary information to properly care for your children. You will also receive security tags for you and your child to be properly identified. 

Following the check-in process, each child will be directed to the appropriate classroom to be greeted by their teacher. During our services each child will experience Bible-centered messages and activities geared toward their specific age. Once the adult service dismisses, you will return to your child’s classroom and present the security tags given at check-in to the teacher. These security tags will be checked and removed on your way out of the ministry area. 

**The leaders in Vintage Kids are subjected to a criminal background check prior to serving. 

Vintage Kids Ministries

Nursery (0-2 years)

In the nursery, we will bring love and care to each baby or toddler under our care. Between the crying and diapers - we take advantage of every spare moment to begin instilling the love of Jesus in their hearts!

Pre-K (3-5 years)

This classroom involves a structured schedule with Bible lessons, fun games, and engaging crafts! This age is so much fun and we strive to keep children entertained and interactive! 

Elementary (6-11 years)

In Elementary, we emphasize on energy, fun and engaged teaching/worship and intentional small groups. This setting enables kids to build relationships with other kids and also the leaders, while learning about Jesus!


Vintage Kids Values

Have Fun

This is certainly one of the most important goals of this ministry! Children value fun more than most things and if we are after the attention of children, this must be high priority. We are committed, as leaders of children, to bring the fun and excitement that will enable kids to be free in their joy!

Love God

Our environments will provide a safe and exciting place for kids to hear and experience the love of God in a way that translates to their everyday lives and can be brought into their homes and schools. 


Love People

Community is among the greatest assets of being a part of the body of Christ. We will be a warm, friendly place that encourages lasting friendships between the children attending as well as the volunteers serving them week in and week out. 

Make a Difference

Our engaging services will open the doors for kids to explore and discover just how intricately God made them and ensure them that God has created them for a purpose! We long to engage kids to allow them to explore the gifts God has given them!